Dadaan Game

A group of Dadds (Beasts) led by a Deev (demon) are gathered together to put an everlasting spell on human’s knowledge of universe, so that they’re sealed away from man’s memory. Zirak (a brave and cunning human) has infiltrated this foul ceremony in disguise to discover the spelled subject and then escape from there to break the spell.

Dadaan is a compact and quick deduction-based party game that is played in two phases: A twenty-questions phase along with hidden roles and a deduction phase in search for ‘Zirak’.

Role Cards 8x
Subject Cards 42x
Hour Glass 5 mins 1x
Tin Box Pocket-Size: 107x82x25 mm
Weight: 180 g

Game Specs.:
Genre: Party Game, Deduction Bluffing, Hidden Roles
Age: 10+
Players: 4 to 8
Time: 45 to 90 Mins (Depends on the number of players)

Jury’s Choice Award in IRAN 5th National Toy Festival – 2019

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