Dadaan Game

A group of Dadds (Beasts) led by a Deev (demon) are gathered together to put an everlasting spell on human’s knowledge of universe, so that they’re sealed away from man’s memory. Zirak (a brave and cunning human) has infiltrated this foul ceremony in disguise to discover the spelled subject and then escape from there to break the spell.

Dadaan is a compact and quick deduction-based party game that is played in two phases: A twenty-questions phase along with hidden roles and a deduction phase in search for ‘Zirak’.

Role Cards 8x
Subject Cards 42x
Hour Glass 5 mins 1x
Tin Box Pocket-Size: 107x82x25 mm

Game Specs.:
Genre: Party Game, Deduction Bluffing, Hidden Roles
Age: 10+
Players: 4 to 8
Time: 45 to 90 Mins (Depends on the number of players)

Jury’s Choice Award in IRAN 5th National Toy Festival – 2019

Dadaan Tutorial for hearing impaired:

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Categoril (Word Hunting-Esm Kartil)

Categoril (Word Hunting-Esm Kartil) is a new card game based on the well-known traditional word game called Categories (In German: Stadt, Land, Fluss).

The box consists of two decks of cards: The Alphabet deck, and the Subject deck. The main goal of the game is to generate a word that starts with a specific letter and related to a specific subject!

Categoril can be played in 4 different methods:
a real-time version, a turn-based push your luck version, and a team-based version in which one of the team members holds his breath (inspired by Kabaddi!) while his partner tries to match the letters with subjects as fast as s/he can!

Alphabet Cards 28x
Subject Cards 28x
Tin Box Pocket-Size: 107x82x25 mm

Game Specs.:
Genre: Party Game, Word Game
Age: 7+
Players: 2 to 12
Time: 10 to 45 Mins (Depends on the number of players and the method)

Certified Game from 2018

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Diwan Game

The conflict between an informed minority (the ‘Div’s), and an uninformed majority (humans)

Diwan* Game is a social-deduction and hidden role party game based on Dimitry Davidoff’s Mafia. It’s the first Persian adaptation of this genre localized in four layers of: 1. Story 2. Roles 3. Mechanics 4. Graphics.

Diwan includes 23 Cards and 1 extensive rulebook

Diwan includes 15 roles. Div’s are the informed minority and (Ra’yat) Peasants are uninformed majority. There are three roles in ‘Div’ side: Black Div, White Dive, Jinn.
There are various characters in the peasant including: The Wiseman, The Witch, The inspector, The Dead, The Hunter…
We also have The Daghal (Insincere) who can win the game individually.
There’s also an appointive role in the game Ghaazi (The Judge), that will chosen by an election process.

The graphics are based on early 18th century Persian illustrations, modified and redesigned for the gameplay and storyline.

‘Ravi’ is the game master and has a special card that includes the sequences of his actions.

Role Cards 22x
‘Ravi’ Game Master’s Cards 1x
Tin Box Pocket-Size: 107x82x25 mm

Game Specs.:
Genre: Party Game, Deduction Bluffing, Hidden Roles
Age: 16+
Players: 6 to 21
Time: 45 to 120 Mins (Depends on the number of players)

Tablet of Appreciation for Design & Production – Haftsang Cultural Toy Awards – 2022

Daiwan Tutorial (Persian):

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*Diwan in farsi has different meanings:
It’s a plural form of ‘Div‘ the ancient persian demons;
The Governmental Organization,
Book of Law,
Book of Poems
a Musical Instrument!