The conflict between  an informed minority (the ‘Div’s), and an uninformed majority (humans)

Diwan in farsi has diferent meanings: It’s a musical instrument; Governmental Organization and off course it’s a plural form of ‘Div’ the ancient persian monster.

Diwan Game is based on a hidden-character and social deduction mechanism, best known as Mafia and Werewolves.

We’ve tried to localize the game in four layers of: 1. Story 2. Roles 3. Mechanics 4. Graphics

Diwan includes 23 Cards and 1 extensive rulebook.

Diwan has 15 roles. There are three roles in ‘Div’ side: Black Div, White Dive, Jinn.

There are various characters in the peasant including: The Wiseman, The Witch, The inspector, The Dead, The Hunter…
We also have The Insincere who can win the game individually. There’s also an appointive role in the game ‘The Judge”, that will offer by an election process.

The graphics are based on early 18th century persian illustrations, modified and redesigned to sync with the atmosphere of the storyline.

The narrator of the game ‘Ravi’ has a special card that includes the sequences of his actions.

Diwan has a small metal box, 11.30 x 8.30 x 3.1

You can order it here in Madamak Shop.