Categoril / Word Hunting (Esm Kartil)

Categoril / Word Hunting (Esm Kartil) is a card game based on the well-known traditional word game called Stadt, Land, Fluss (City, Country, River).

The box consists of two decks of cards: The Alphabet deck, and the Subject deck. The main goal of the game is to generate a word that starts with a specific letter and related to a specific subject!

Categoril can be played in 4 different ways including a real-time version, a turn-based push your luck version, and a team-based version in which one of the team members holds his breath (inspired by Kabaddi!)while his partner tries to match the letters with subjects as fast as she can!

You can check out Word Hunting’s BGG profile:
And you can watch and read a review of the game in (in Farsi!) which ranked it 7/10 and honored it a seal of excellence.

Categoril has a pocket-size metal box, 11.30 x 8.30 x 3.1

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